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Kirk and Chris are a pair of VW fanatics from Charleston, South Carolina. Kirk is a camper, surfer, child psychiatrist and father. Chris is a camper, surfer, journalist and father. While Kirk has only owned one VW camper, Chris is now on his sixth. He’s also built out a VW Syncro camper for Jimmy Buffett and has written about VW campers for Outside, Men’s Journal and The New York Times. We both think they’re about the greatest vehicles ever built.

WestyRentalGretta - 1Gretta Van Lefturn at Devils Fork State Park, Lake Jocassee, South Carolina

WestyRentalRosie - 1Rosie at Edisto State Park, Edisto Beach, South Carolina

Some of Chris’s Camper Journalism: 

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine: May 2013.  The Vanagon Westfalia Camper; The Greatest Car Ever Built


Outside Magazine: April, 2014.  The Purpose Driven Van

Outside Magazine Feature Article and Video: June, 2016. The Ride of Your Life


The New York Times

The New York Times:
California Coasting. Time Travel in a VW Camper.


The New York Times:
The VW Syncro: Drawn to a 1980’s Camper with the Soul of an SUV. 



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